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non UNIQUE constraints

So, I got in this situation: I create a table (let say model_a), in this table I have 2 cols (let say col1 and col2). I need a constraint that satisfy this reality: It’s not UNIQUE constraint, you can duplicate the first row. The only one time this constraint active is col1 is the same but col2 is different. Need

Create a table for following condition

condition for the problem to be solved: The code i tried to do is I couldn’t solve the first condition and so i am getting right parenthesis missing for final condition Answer I would translate your requirement as follows: Changes to your original code: you want NUMERIC rather than NUMBER ArCode must be declared as PRIMARY KEY, and needs a

MySQL require a minimum length

I’m using MySQL Workbench and I made a table called ‘organizations’ and want to block any try of adding a value to a column with less than 5 letters. The column name is ‘namee’. I made this, but I get an error: Error: Answer Based on the error message you shared, you apparently tried to use a function LEN(). No