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Tag: group-by

Count users with a condition in MYSQL

I have a table ‘helpdesk’ (detail below) that lists tickets. I’m trying to get the top 10 users who report issues, however there is a complication in the fact that users can report an issue for another user (think secretary for their boss as an example). The table structure is… Using the example above the count should return User 1

PostgreSQL: Create array by grouping values of the same id

Given the following input data: id category 1 A 1 B 2 A 2 R 2 C 3 Z I aim aiming to get the following output table: id categories 1 {“A”,”B”} 2 {“A”,”R”,”C”} 3 {“Z”} using the following query: But what I get is the following table: id categories 1 {“A”,”B”,”R”,”C”,”Z”} 2 {“A”,”B”,”R”,”C”,”Z”} 3 {“A”,”B”,”R”,”C”,”Z”} How can I obtain