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Tag: group-by

Grouping columns to find most popular product for each country

I’m a SQL beginner, practicing through various sources. I have a table called marketing_data containing product sales information, country and other variables where I’m trying to get an output for the most popular product per country, based on sales. I don’t know where to begin with my syntax. This is how the data looks in the table I’ve previously run

SQL want efficient query to SELECT columnA, columnB FROM table1 WHERE both columnA, columnB are in columnC FROM table2 WHERE columndD > value

I’m searching for a more efficient method to accomplish something that I’ve already solved with a few different SQL statements. The problem: I have two tables a transactions table, and an accounts table The transactions table has columns that look like: acct_sending acct_receiving amount tx_datetime 100 101 10 yyyy-mm-dd hh-mm-ss 101 100 5 yyyy-mm-dd hh-mm-ss 101 200 1 yyyy-mm-dd hh-mm-ss

Count and Group by 2 different columns SQL

I have below table and want to find out a count and group by that will show the number of times republic of ireland played a particular opponent regardless if they are the home team or away team I want something that will show like the below Thanks for help! Answer This is how I would do it — normalize