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Tag: c#

Syntax error while doing C# SQL data insert

I am using the above code for data entry into SQLite database, but while getting some string values, I am getting this error: ‘SQL logic error near “da”: syntax error’ What is the reason ? Answer You will get SQL syntax error if one of rehberIsmi, jsonData contains single quote. In your case, composing SQL query by concatenating strings is

Extracting hashtags by sql

I have this problem – currently I am extracting hashtags in a C# application but now I want to move it to SQL Server. In C# I have code using a regex: In T-SQL, I would like to have something like this: Answer Using the string_split

I didn’t true use order by in linq

Hi i develop web app with c#. I have sql query and i convert to linq but it’s not working true because of order by My sql query My linq Answer Here’s how you can do the order by on the count of each group and take the 3 with the highest count.

Parameter returning not in the correct format

I have an async task method that queries a database table for the total amount of Credits in a specific column. I have a string parameter in the method that I use for the query to identify which user is logged in, which is stored in Properties.Settings.Default.Student_Number;. The column for the student number in the database is a varchar and

Executing a StoredProcedure in Dotnetcore3.1

I created a Stored Procedure by Selecting values from 2 different tables. Now the problem I have is to execute and read the result data from my dotnetcore 3.1 code. I am not sure if the code I have written is correct. I am using IQueryable<AppUser> but, The SP contains a mix of AppUser and CourseMarks. So can I represent

add sql WHERE statement to select new ID:s in database (asp / sql)

I’m trying to update a website where there’s new ID’s for different damage groups. All the new ID’s start after ID 139. In SQL the statement to get the new groups are simply: However, I want to implement the same statement in my ASP code and in the method that fetches the current damage groups. Here’s the current method for