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Tag: api

many to many relationship knex js

I am trying to fetch data from the database in this way: I want all the templates and those templates have an array of categories in it so the methode I am currently using currently I am doing this but the object doesn’t seem to alter. Answer You are not waiting for the promises to resolve. You should do: instead

execute powershell from SSMS

I am trying to execute as certain xp_cmdshell code: but this is the error that I get: when I try an execute the same thing in powershell I get the expected response(see image) Powershell The expected output from the xp_cmdshell should be a json Answer The error message implies that your command line is being executed via cmd.exe, where &

Is there any way to avoid double quotes around an URL in R?

I am trying to pull data using an API call with GET from httr. The API call has SQL statements that require double quotes around table and field IDs, and single quotes around string values. This means I get some issues when I use the URL in R, because it needs quotes around it there as well. The API call