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Criteria: Between #date# And #otherDate# cause Microsoft Access database to corrupt and then I get this error message: Unrecognized database format

In Microsoft Access, I made a simple query with criteria to list all entries in a table between two dates. It was working well for more than a year, but now I think I am facing a bug… Between #2022-11-29# And #2023-01-26# causes a bug that corrupts the database and then I get the error message: Unrecognized database format Between

How do I used distinct to remove duplicates in this query?

I have the following table: Table I am trying to write a query (that I will include in another query) to display how many account numbers there are per symbol. I wrote the following query: The query displays like this but it counts the same account number multiple times per symbol. EURUSD should have 3 and USDJPY should only have

Find position of first number in string and split

I am attempting to find the first numeric character in an ID composed of a client segment identifier (ABC_), a geographic identifier (UK) and a number (1234567). The ID will without exception follow this logic: ABC_UK1234567 From this, I need to extract the number only (the location identifier will have different lengths, as it could be ABC_UK, ABC_CHR or ABC_I

MS Access – How to properly use Pass-Through queries as source for form

In my MS Access FrontEnd connected to an SQL Server, I’m using a combination of pass-through queries and “normal” ODBC connection via file-DSN (for “easy bound forms”) for my forms. Within VBA functions and Subs I use some ADO connections to directly change data in the tables. I need pass-through queries for some forms as I need to use DISTINCT

SQL query to display rows of 2 different tables

I’m trying to figure out how to pull all rows from two different tables with the OutageID = X. The purpose of this is to view the current outage and all the revisions in one statement to see all of the changes. Below is an example I was trying. However, it puts it all in one row. I want it