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Tag: ms-access

Unpivot Access Data Table

Good afternoon, I would like to unpivot an Access Table. I have almost one hundred of columns in Access and one column with the ID and I would like to unpivot, considering all the columns except de ID into one column called “type” (for example). How could I get it from Access? It doesnt matter if is by a SQL

Convert week number and year to a date in Access-SQL?

In Microsoft Access, I have a table where number of hours worked per weekday are associated to a project number, ISO-week number and year. Simplified, it looks like this: ProjectID WeekNumber YearNumber Monday Tuesday 1 1 2022 5 6 1 2 2022 7 8 I am trying to set up a query where all weekday columns (monday to sunday) are

MS Access Pivoting Query Result Rows into Columns

I’m new to working with MS-Access reports. I have a query that returns the results of employees timesheets, grouped by both month and paycode. I’d like to make a report showing the the following Employee OT Shifts Jan Regular Shifts Jan OT Shifts Feb Regular Shifts Feb 1234 1 1 2 1 5678 5 2 1 0 However my query

Using Variables in a MSAccess Function with SQL

I’m struggling with entering a custom made ID number on all my tables to link all records together, trying out normalization. I have an EmployeeDetails table and a LoginDetails table. Its my understanding that I need a field called EmployeeID on both and I can use the SQL Select code I have to pull the data like on other forms.

Compering number to a current month in MS Access

I have a data table that looks like this: Id Month Number e1 9 2 e2 10 3 e3 10 1 e4 9 3 The month column is an integer. I want to get a sum of number both for October and September, but by using a reference to a current month and last month, as if the data is

Difference of values in the same column ms access sql (mdb)

I have a table which contains two column with values that are not unique, those values are generated automatically and I have no way to do anything about it, cannot edit the table, db nor make custom functions. With that in mind I’ve solved this problem in sql server, but it contains some functions that does not exist in ms-access.