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MS Access – How to properly use Pass-Through queries as source for form

In my MS Access FrontEnd connected to an SQL Server, I’m using a combination of pass-through queries and “normal” ODBC connection via file-DSN (for “easy bound forms”) for my forms. Within VBA functions and Subs I use some ADO connections to directly change data in the tables. I need pass-through queries for some forms as I need to use DISTINCT

SQL query to display rows of 2 different tables

I’m trying to figure out how to pull all rows from two different tables with the OutageID = X. The purpose of this is to view the current outage and all the revisions in one statement to see all of the changes. Below is an example I was trying. However, it puts it all in one row. I want it

Unpivot Access Data Table

Good afternoon, I would like to unpivot an Access Table. I have almost one hundred of columns in Access and one column with the ID and I would like to unpivot, considering all the columns except de ID into one column called “type” (for example). How could I get it from Access? It doesnt matter if is by a SQL

Can’t do Multiple Left Joins SQL Select (ODBC)

When I run the following SQL select statement with two left joins: I get the following error message in Excel VBA: “Run-time error ‘5’: Invalid procedure call or argument” When I run that exact same SQL without the left joins, it works without issue. I know the first SQL statement above is valid because it works just fine (joins-included) when

SQL query does not work in Excel but works in Access

For the code listed below, it runs fine except for the first SQL query. I’m pulling address and state information from the workbook, and running a query on the information to find the count of how many times the address appears in the table. If I run the code and stop it before the query is sent to Access, I

Using Variables in a MSAccess Function with SQL

I’m struggling with entering a custom made ID number on all my tables to link all records together, trying out normalization. I have an EmployeeDetails table and a LoginDetails table. Its my understanding that I need a field called EmployeeID on both and I can use the SQL Select code I have to pull the data like on other forms.