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What do you call the . syntax in SQL?

In many databases, when writing a SELECT query, you can provide the database name along with the table name in order to resolve any ambiguity the database might encounter in case there are multiple databases with the same table names. For example, let’s say the user currently logged into SQL Server has SELECT privileges on databases DB1 and DB2, and

Extract the record for last hour for specific date

I am trying to extract the last hour (TKT_DT) record for number of tickets (TKT_DN) from sales table (PS_TKT_HIST) for specific date (BUS_DAT). I have the following code but it extracts the number of tickets (TKT_NO) for each hour. I want to filter the last hour only. Here is the code I used: I get the flowing results I want

SQL Server: show string majority

I am looking to make a query in SQL SERVER that will allow me to display in a grouping the string that appears in most cases. Not the amount, not the maximum, but the string that is displayed in most cases: colA colB colC A 10 ccc A 20 aaa A 35 bbb A 25 aaa A 10 aaa B


i a new user and a new in React world. I need help to solve this situation about a Select with values from mysql DB. I receive the values, but the select goes in infinite loop. The error is surely in this file cause server.js works without problem!! Really thanks for the help, and sorry if it could be a