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Match specific or default value on multiple columns

raw_data : name account_id type element_id cost First 1 type1 element1 0.1 Second 2 type2 element2 0.2 First 11 type2 element11 0.11 components: name account_id (default = -1) type (default = null) element_id (default = null) cost First -1 null null 0.1 Second 2 type2 null 0.2 First 11 type2 element11 0.11 I seek to check whether the cost logged


I have to tables. The first table (customers) shows data about the customers (id, firstname, lastname). The second table shows data about the orders (timestamp and customer id). So, i wanted to see the last order by a customer in my table “customers” and did a SUBSELECT and it worked. But, there are some customers who never ordered something and

Fill Null Values with Last Previous Value and add 1 as a continuous integer for every value going forward – Big Query

I have these two columns in Big Query: budget_id and activity: budget_id activity region execution window 000507_Corporate 507 Corporate 2022 000508_AMERICAS 508 AMERICAS 2022Q2 NULL NULL c b NULL NULL c b The budget_id comes from a Google Sheet which is manually inputted by a stakeholder. I’m trying to change this that going forward, I can automate this myself. Everything

NULL in SQL need it Removed [closed]

Closed. This question needs to be more focused. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it focuses on one problem only by editing this post. Closed 7 months ago. Improve this question I would like to remove the “Null” in my week Column. Any help? I tried screenshots provided error what i

Assign NULL to repeated values in different columns in SQL

I have a table like this: id mail_1 mail_2 mail_3 1 john john_v2 NULL 2 clarisse clarisse clarisse_company 3 NULL julie NULL 4 mark markus_91 mark 5 alfred alfred alfred And I would like to put NULLs where the mail is repeated, for example in the row 2 mail_1 and mail_2 have the same value; clarisse, and I would like

sql query to exclude not null columns

I have below table and records Now i do not want to display the rows having null values in the columns except primary key column. I used below query to arrive the above result. But my orginal table having 72 columns how can i check all the columns for getting above result. / Answer You could check the length of