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Tag: subquery

How do I used distinct to remove duplicates in this query?

I have the following table: Table I am trying to write a query (that I will include in another query) to display how many account numbers there are per symbol. I wrote the following query: The query displays like this but it counts the same account number multiple times per symbol. EURUSD should have 3 and USDJPY should only have

Oracle: WITH-clause querying two tables

Using an Oracle database, I have two tables: I am supposed to find – using the WITH-clause – all the employees who currently work in the same department where they started to work (hire_date = start_date and same department_id). I easily got the right result using a JOIN in the subquery: (Right) OUTPUT: Unfortunately with the WITH-clause I am getting

Python Script to run SQL query UPDATE statement to loop through each row in result set and update columns

Newby working on my first project. Sorry for this explanation. I have 2 x tables: t1: master table with single rows (unique project-id) and 3 status fields, s1,s2,s3 t2: list table with repeating project_id’s with 3 status fields s1,s2,s3 (and other data not relevant here). The value in the s1-3 fields is either true(1) or false(0) table1: project_id, status1, status2,

Extract the record for last hour for specific date

I am trying to extract the last hour (TKT_DT) record for number of tickets (TKT_DN) from sales table (PS_TKT_HIST) for specific date (BUS_DAT). I have the following code but it extracts the number of tickets (TKT_NO) for each hour. I want to filter the last hour only. Here is the code I used: I get the flowing results I want