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Tag: google-bigquery

Google BigQuery: join on an join Alias

i try to perform an join on a table that is the result of an other join. But i recieve the error: Table “join_1” must be qualified with a dataset (e.g. dataset.table). I bolded the Problem. Thanks a lot in advance. How can I qualify table join_1? I edited the table, I hope that helps to understand the problem more.

A better way to get the last character

I have been working in an exercise, I have 2 values (one with 9 characters and the other with 8) and I have to show 3 columns. The original number The number without the last character Only the last character The Query works but I would like to know a way to improve how I get the last column, I

BigQuery: JOIN on single matching row

I have two tables, one containing orders with a nested line_items structure and another with a pricing history for each product sku code. Orders Table order_id order_date item_sku item_quantity item_subtotal 1 2022-23-07 SKU1 7 12.34 SKU2 1 9.99 2 2022-12-07 SKU1 1 1.12 SKU3 5 32.54 Price History Table item_sku effective_date cost SKU1 2022-20-07 0.78 SKU2 2022-02-03 4.50 SKU1 2022-02-03

Starting and Ending a row-count based on values in another column

There is a need to monitor the performance of a warehouse of goods. Please refer to the table containing data for one warehouse below: WK_NO: Week number; Problem: Problem faced on that particular week. Empty cells are NULLs. I need to create the 3rd column: Weeks on list: A column indicating the number of weeks that a particular warehouse is