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Sync columns(without data) in multiple tables

I have multiple tables inside my database: Is there a way to keep the columns of all the tables in sync with each other? What I mean is that when I add a new column named ‘⁣last-edit’ inside the first table, this column will duplicate to all the other tables. But the data inside the columns will only be unique

Difference between dm_exec_sql_text vs dm_exec_input_buffer

As per Microsoft docs, dm_exec_sql_text returns the text of the SQL batch that is identified by the specified sql_handle while dm_exec_input_buffer returns information about statements submitted to an instance of SQL Server. I used DBCC INPUTBUFFER for getting the last executed SQL. But it seems both dm_exec_sql_text and dm_exec_input_buffer are replacement DBCC INPUTBUFFER. If this is the case then what

Copy data on parent and child table

I have two database tables. What I need to do is to copy specific data from one storage to another, but also keep the mapping to the photos. First part I can do easily writing but after that newly inserted items does not have photos. Note, that document_id field is unique for not copied items. Answer Assuming id columns are

Perform Calculation in MongoDb Query

Supposed I have the collections that contain Event type Product View water_heater View water_heater Purchase water_heater View television View television View television Purchase television There are two types of fields in the first column, (views and purchase) The second column contains different kinds of products. The above data has been imported as a collection in MongoDB database. I want to

Target table cannot be same one for update clause in mysql

I have a table name named ’employee’. Table creation code given below: The table content is like below: Now I want to update ‘e_id’, first it will check whether the same e_id is in the table anywhere or not, if it is not in the table then only it will update the rows with given e_id, else it will not