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Python Mysql Queary not returning results

I have a DB and when I query a table I get 67 results. The SQL is: I try to connect to the DB, and I get no connection errors. It prints out -1 for rowcount. The connection to the DB appears to be working, the SQL is a simple query… Answer Try adding cursor.fetchall() before the print(cursor.rowcount)

Months that ends with 29,30,31 ORACLE

convert into date format oracle there is an identical question in the continuation of this discussion. I have a field c_day in the table my_table that accepts numeric values ​​from 1 to 31. In this field. I need to add 210 days to today’s date, and insert the value from c_day from the released date For example, we take

Criteria: Between #date# And #otherDate# cause Microsoft Access database to corrupt and then I get this error message: Unrecognized database format

In Microsoft Access, I made a simple query with criteria to list all entries in a table between two dates. It was working well for more than a year, but now I think I am facing a bug… Between #2022-11-29# And #2023-01-26# causes a bug that corrupts the database and then I get the error message: Unrecognized database format Between

SQL: if value exists then show else hide

I have an SQL query that filters down purchase credit and invoices and removes any zero tax amounts, it has just come to light that there is some i need to include for me to get the correct figure. Luckily these few invoices and credit notes can be identified on there reference number, unfortunately i don not know how to

Sort by given “rank” of column values

I have a table like this (unsorted): risk category Low A Medium B High C Medium A Low B High A Low C Low E Low D High B I need to sort rows by category, but first based on the value of risk. The desired result should look like this (sorted): risk category Low A Low B Low C

Get row for each unique user based on highest column value

I have the following data I am trying to find the distribution of each user’s Rating, based on their latest row in the table (latest is determined by Timestamp). On the path to that, I am trying to get a list of user IDs and Ratings which would look like the following Trying to get here, I sorted the list

conditional primary key based on value not being null

I have a table that has a composite primary key: The problem is that when I insert into this table, the data from the product_home column is null for the rows where product_home_ods has data. The same applies product_home_ods, the rows where that table contain data are null for product_home. Example: Is it possible to create a primary key based