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Criteria: Between #date# And #otherDate# cause Microsoft Access database to corrupt and then I get this error message: Unrecognized database format

In Microsoft Access, I made a simple query with criteria to list all entries in a table between two dates. It was working well for more than a year, but now I think I am facing a bug…

Between #2022-11-29# And #2023-01-26# causes a bug that corrupts the database and then I get the error message: Unrecognized database format

Between #2022-11-29# And #2023-01-25# causes no bug and no error message and I get the data

<#2022-11-29# causes no bug and no error message and I get the data

Any idea how we can find what is causing the bug and prevent database to get currupted?

Thank you!

I removed the data from shared folder and recreated the problem locally on one computer. Same issue…

*** UPDATE ***

I found this in the result when I query: <#2022-11-29#


I am trying to remove the entry but I always get the Invalid bookmark popup. any idea how to remove this line?



Here is how I fixed this:

I exported all the data I could to Excel from the corrumpted database and then removed problematic data in Excel manually.

I exported same data of the most recent backup in Excel too.

I merged all the data into excel. Verified the data manually and with formulas comparing differences between sheets.

I then deleted all the entries in Access tables.

I imported the data from Excel sheets to Access tables.

The problem seems to be gone.

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