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how join laravel tables to get non intersected data

in my Laravel app I have 3 tables : users, documents and type_documents, the user have multiple documents and document have one type_document I want select the types that are not used in documents table for the current user with eloquent I try with this, but it give me the used type_documents : I use Laravel version 8 Answer Have

MySQL to fill in the blanks with NULLs when their isn’t a row based on set number of IDs from the join

Looking to fill in the blanks with NULLs when there isn’t a record that is for a row that I am expecting. Consider the following wp_posts (p) ID post_title 1 Week 1 2 Week 2 3 Week 3 4 Week 4 5 Week 5 wp_users (u) ID user_email 1 2 3 4 5 wp_learndash_user_activity (lua)

How to use INNER LEFT instead of EXCEPT?

I read that MySQL does not support EXCEPT, and the workaround is to use LEFT JOIN. THIS IS MY QUERY: Basically: Trying to find out the manufacturers that sell PCs but not laptops. How can I convert this query with the LEFT JOIN? I got confused.. Table Computers: Table Manufacturers Computers: So since Manufacturer ID number 1 sells Laptop the

Counting orders by supplier results in SQL error

I am trying to get how many orders each supplier have, by showing two columns, CompanyName and number of orders. And then Sorting them by descending order. My SQL: But I get the following errors: Msg 145, Level 15, State 1, Line 65 ORDER BY items must appear in the select list if SELECT DISTINCT is specified. Msg 8120, Level

How do I solve the error Ambiguous column name with join

I’m currently struggling with a join where the column [NAME] results in an error (ambiguous column). I’m pretty new at SQL and someone else made the first join for me, so I now just tried to replicate this with something else I wanted to join and as I understood, I do need to add the columnname of the data I’m