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how join laravel tables to get non intersected data

in my Laravel app I have 3 tables : users, documents and type_documents, the user have multiple documents and document have one type_document I want select the types that are not used in documents table for the current user with eloquent I try with this, but it give me the used type_documents : I use Laravel version 8 Answer Have

SQL Multiple join from 2 table to 1

I want to join from 2 table to 1. I have tried it multiple times but I can’t figure out the correct code. The name ‘Edvard Supica’ which is the full_name from suser table I want to be on the place of User ID and in 1 record. Answer If you’re joining both machines and susers on workbook, you can

SQL Inner join with sum and null value

The table below is an extract of a larger set of data In my scenario Column 2 is null when is the “parent” record (Column 1 = AB1 and Column 2 is NULL) and as you can see the following 2 “child” records under Column 2 have AB1 as identifier which matches the AB1 from Column 1, what I want

join equal or max

I want to join two tables by ‘EmployeeId’ and ‘CalendarMonthId’, but problem is that I want to connect record with the bigest CalednarMonthId if not exist equal. I use Azure Synapse SQL pool. Example data and code Base on this data I have problem with connect table: emp_contr, row: EmployeeId:1, CalendarMonthId:202205 with row from table contr from the same user

BigQuery – SQL UPDATE and JOIN

I have two tables. Table1 = dalio which is an event list with select customers. Table2 = master_list which is a master customer list from all past events. dalio has an “id” column that needs to be filled in with customer numbers, which can be pulled from master_list column called “customer_no”. All rows in the “id” column are currently blank.

Python Script to run SQL query UPDATE statement to loop through each row in result set and update columns

Newby working on my first project. Sorry for this explanation. I have 2 x tables: t1: master table with single rows (unique project-id) and 3 status fields, s1,s2,s3 t2: list table with repeating project_id’s with 3 status fields s1,s2,s3 (and other data not relevant here). The value in the s1-3 fields is either true(1) or false(0) table1: project_id, status1, status2,

Generate random pairs SQL

Suppose we have these two tables. TABLE1: TABLE_2: I want to pair all rows of TABLE_1 with some random columns from TABLE_2 where each pair is gonna have a random amount of distinct rows from TABLE_2 (range 1,2,3) An output could be: Answer did the thing for me.

Making a MySQL COUNT query

after 4 days of tries and researchs over the web I can’t make my wishes working. Any help would be appreciated ! Performed on MYSQL WORKBENCH I got a DB made of 3 tables : user Posts likes username id id id title userId (foreign key from email content postId (foreign key from password date image imageUrl userId