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MySQL to fill in the blanks with NULLs when their isn’t a row based on set number of IDs from the join

Looking to fill in the blanks with NULLs when there isn’t a record that is for a row that I am expecting. Consider the following wp_posts (p) ID post_title 1 Week 1 2 Week 2 3 Week 3 4 Week 4 5 Week 5 wp_users (u) ID user_email 1 2 3 4 5 wp_learndash_user_activity (lua)

Wp return result from sql using AJAX

I need some help i am making a wordpress plug in. when i try to get some rows from sql thro a AJAX post i will get nothing back. Even if i try just to return a string it will stays empty. I Dont get any error . Thank you so much for helping. Script: my function: Answer You should

Simulating SELECT YEAR(post_date) SQL query using only WP Query

I’m not entirely sure this is possible but I’m completely out of ideas. The task I’m working on requires that I specifically use WP_Query due to constraints of other efficiency plugins my organization uses. Pure and simple, I need a way to simulate the following query using WP_Query: “SELECT YEAR(post_date) FROM wp_posts WHERE post_status = ‘publish’ GROUP BY YEAR(post_date) DESC”

Search a word inside post_content specifically on H1 tag [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 3 months ago. Improve this question As Title implies, Search the value inside the variable of $word inside the tag of column post_title content. The query should view the data of

Display SQL query result on front-end WordPress site

I am trying to get the total data (SUM) within a column in a Wordpress database. I am using the following SQL (and PHP) code to run the request; however, I do not know how to display the result on the front end of my site. or I have tried using print_r($avg_items_purchased); and var_dump($avg_items_purchased); but it outputs more information than

Custom field in multiple selection

I’ve started Wordpress 1 month ago and i’ve just done my first hook into the website (just to add/remove an estimated delivery date). Once i’ve had this I was thinking that I’ve broke the website (LMAO) but it was just a postmeta problem. The postmeta value just need to be added on on every single products and be turned to

Whats the right syntax to CONCAT in wpdb?

I’m quiet new in working with wordpress database tables. So far I know because of the wpdb documentation how to update a row in a table. Now i want to achive to update the row and keep the old data in that row. I’ve read that you can use the CONCAT function to get this working but I’ve no clue

WordPress Find ID of a Post with a specific meta value

I have about 25,000 posts here (and rising). All of them under a Custom Post Type “lead”. Each post has meta information, including a variable called “uniqid”. this uniqid is a url parameter. now i need the post id where exactly this uniqid exists. Now my question is if there is a way to speed up this determination. I have