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how do path at the final url like this “~” [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed last month. Improve this question what is code “~” from the end of this url ?, and what mean ? Answer Need more exemples in yout context, but in general

Slow SQL Query / Displaying (PHP / jQuery)

I have a request to get data in my mySQL database (36,848 entries). Then I format and append them with jQuery on my web page. These two operations take 2 minutes and 30 seconds. During this time, no other operation is possible on the page. Is there a way to optimize this to speed up the process? Like this, it’s

Ajax request from PHP don’t return me an Array

I’m trying to return an array from a PHP script in Ajax, however, it seems to not work, it returns me a string rather an Array. I’m using CodeIgniter Framework, there is my .php code : And there is my Ajax request : My getAll() function just select all from the database, however i’m only using the temperature & date

Updating HTML Table Every 60 Seconds

I am trying to use an ajax call to update an HTML table every 60 seconds on a flask app. I am very new to flask and jquery, and followed this similar stackoverflow question: Python Flask Refresh table every 60 seconds However my table isn’t displaying any data. Currently my file is setup as below: And my nfl_template.html: When

Using Classic ASP – SQL – JSON

I’m trying to serialize a SQL query in Classic ASP to a json object and I have found some great code that helps me achieve that but where my issue comes in is I then need to manipulate the output that is returned by the QueryToJSON(cmd, arParams).Flush I need to take the value and add some string / text to

How to link Gatsby.js with my Express server

I am trying to make a very basic full-stack application where the front-end is Gatsby and the Backend is a simple Express server. I have a Database where I have some users and the goal is get these users in the backend with a query and then displaying them in the Gatsby (React) component using fetch(). Obviously something goes wrong