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Tag: jquery

Slow SQL Query / Displaying (PHP / jQuery)

I have a request to get data in my mySQL database (36,848 entries). Then I format and append them with jQuery on my web page. These two operations take 2 minutes and 30 seconds. During this time, no other operation is possible on the page. Is there a way to optimize this to speed up the process? Like this, it’s

How to calculate aggregate on inner join

I have two tables, Post & Comment. Post table contains info about posts & comment table contains the comments data about each post. Below is there structure, I need to take post_id, post_title from post table and total no of comments (using aggregate function count) on each post from comment table & want the data to be showed like this.

Show results in popup

This code is working fine to show results on the page itself but I want to show the results in a popup. We have linked the code to a database and it is retrieving the expected result, but how can I use jQuery to display division in a popup or dialogue box? Also it should be responsive. Answer Using jQuery

Wpdb prepare was called incorrectly

I want to prepare my data to avoid SQL Injections. So my current working code to show a list of data from a table’s column: I need to use $wpdb->prepare to be sure that my datas are correctly brought from the db. My current progress: This isn’t working. I get a notice: Notice: wpdb::prepare was called incorrectly. The query argument