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PHP login session not coming through (Login with SQL database)

The latest little ‘challenge’ I’ve made for myself is trying to code a good login screen on a site I’m making for some friends. However, when I input my email and password as they are displayed in my SQL database, the file I use to check it with does not send out anything at all. My code looks as follows:

How to merge two array if one item exist in both array?

I want to expand my city array with post code value. If the city_postcode array contain city array name record then push postcode value into city array. That’s what i want to achive somehow. city array: city_postcode array: The result I want: Answer If you can rely on the cities and post codes to be equal in length and sorted,

How to display T-SQL in html with proper formatting?

I’m sure this has to be a duplicate, but I guess my searching skills aren’t on point today. I want to display SQL code in html (like in blogs and such), and I want it to be formatted like you would see it in Management Studio or any other editor that supports SQL. I’ve found a nuget package that does

Array to string with Django and MySQL

I need to design SQL query in html on Django I have an array in my table like : When I call this array in my page : I have : [‘aa’, ‘bb’, ‘cc’] What do I do if I want : a b c I tried with .split(‘,’) but I’ve already ‘[]’ I tried with for item in list

Loading table values into a poplist, current value displaying correctly

I have two tables in my library database, Books and BookTypes: When I load the Edit screen from my search results page, I have got the three types displaying. But can’t get the currently selected value of the book to display(It’s always Digital). My Edit Page Code is: How do I ensure the current value of the selected book’s booktype

Issue with uploading image using this.form.submit();

I am using this.form.submit(); in order to upload an image straight after it is sellected and also pass some other info along. I am having an issue, the submit works and passes the id with post but the image is not uploaded and the name is not inserted in the db it might add a name like 0_ but that

Problem with identifying index in php html

My website must consist of a page with table where admin must upload some file. Later that file is saved by php as a blob in mysql, however, $_FILES cannot find and index of my file input. Please help finding a mistake. PHP code Answer Apart from security flaws in your code you are missing enctype=’multipart/form-data’ inside the form element.

How to make a button to jump into specified table row

I have code that generate a table from my database. The code is Now that code will give me a big table. Is there any way to make some link or button to make me jump onto a specific row in a table ? Because scrolling through the big table really not efficient Answer well, i found a simple solution