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Tag: oracle-apex

Adding a condition to desplay a list of values in Oracle Apex

I need help with putting a condition on a List Of Values in Oracle apex. So I have 2 tables: and The list of values displays v.BROJ_VEZ but returns v.ID_VEZ. The LOV is displayed in the form for the table BRODICE. I want the LOV to display only the v.BROJ_VEZ (returning v.ID_VEZ) where v.MAX_DULJINA > b.DULJINA_BRODICE. How do I do

Why is this CREATE command not running?

This is a part of a script which the whole script runs without errors. I followed the script and made minor changes, just by changing names, etc and discarded few commands like ‘create or replace force view’, sequences. This is one of the ‘CREATE TABLE’ commands that I edited from there. Errors came out; ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis ORA-06512: at

Data in Oracle apex

If I want to take data for today from 00:00 until currently hour how can I do it ??? I have this table datetime hourly clientchannel servicename service_count 13_02_2022 9 ***** notification 2 Answer Presuming that datetime column’s datatype is DATE (should be), then because If datetime’s datatype is VARCHAR2 (bad choice), then you should first convert it to date,

Which keywords did I missed on the following tables?

My problem: I get the same error on the tables: Tasks, TimeSheet, TimeSheetHour. I still don’t have any idea on what keywords did I missed. Here is the error I got in Tasks table: (same with other tables) May I know which keywords did I missed on the following tables? Answer The keyword is REFERENCES not REFERENCE. Then you have

Remove duplicate values from comma separated variable in Oracle

I have a variable (called: all_email_list) which contains 3 email address lists altogether. (I found some similar question but not the same with a proper solution) Example:,,,,, (it can contain spaces between comas but not all the time) The desired output:,,, Any solution to solve this in a simple way? By regex maybe. Answer Solution

Oracle APEX master detail page creation: ORA-06531 error

I am creating a flock management application with APEX with the following PL/SQL scheme: In this scheme, the SALE and EVENT tables reference the EID field of the SHEEP table (unique identifier of 5 numbers and one letter – representing the yellow tag they have in their ears). I am trying to create a Master Detail page that would link

Oracle Apex – Case within a where statement

I’m having issues while running the following query (interactive report / simplified the query cause I’m sure the issue is with the case statement): The error is this one: ORA-20999. Does someone know why this is happening? (:p28 items are calculated via computations and work perfectly) Thanks! Answer Don’t use a case when boolean logic suffices: The specific reason in