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How to extract everything after parentheses in BigQuery?

How can I extract all the characters after the first word? For example, I would like to have (084M) in its own column with the parentheses included. I’ve tried to SPLIT and REGEXP_EXTRACT but I have ran into issues. Table: Name Elizabeth (084M) Elizabeth (084M) Elizabeth (084M) Pittston (14KN) Pittston (14KN) Pittston (14KN) Cheektowaga (14ON) Image of Table: Answer use

Check whether a number is in a string range

I have a table ID Count Range 1 33 1-100 2 120 101-200 3 155 201-300 The Range is a string that can only have the values 1-100, 101-200, 201-300. I need to write a query that checks whether the count and the range fits, so 155 should pop up. My idea was: but this does not work. Can anyone

Extract first argue from column with T-SQL

I need to extract the first argument: “PATHTOPACKAGE” from the string below: which is a column stored at SQL Server msdb.sysjobsteps.command Is there a way to do it by using Regex or Spliting it by blank spaces? Answer Based on the one example we have, a couple of CHARINDEXs a little bit of simple string manipulation gets the job done: