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Snowflake Regular Expression

I have this string in Snowflake column: I need to get names in this format regardless of the number of company names: “SpecTra, Signal Capital Partners”. In other words, I need to extract company names and concatenate them. I have tried this : and regexp_substr() function, but did not get the desired output Can you please help me with this?

Create hierarchical summary of XML nodes

Is there a way of using SQL or Python (or another language) to return the node-tree for an XML document? In the XML document example below, the employee node appears twice but the second time it has more nodes within it… same with the address node. Is there a way to return the structure (without values contained within the tags)

How to return the count of a table created and dropped within a SQL stored procedure in Snowflake?

I am trying to use a variable to store the count in a temporary table created within a stored procedure in Snowflake so that I can include the value in the return statement. When I try to do a select count(*) from the table I get SQL compilation error: Object ‘CDP_SMS.DOMAIN_CANONICAL.TEMP_DELTA_MANUFACTURER_ITEM’ does not exist or not authorized.. If I try

Create table in snowflake – Syntax

I am trying to create a table and insert rows into it. But it keeps giving me this syntax error. ERROR : SQL compilation error: syntax error line 3 at position 1 unexpected ‘EventName’. syntax Any help would be appreciated. Answer You need to type those columns, and you are missing a comma after the int of EnventTypeID and your

Invalid group by expression error when using any_value with max and window function in Snowflake

I was given a query and I am attempting to modify it in order to get the most recent version of each COMP_ID. The original query: I then attempted to use a window function to grab only the highest version for each comp_id. This is the modified query: When attempting to compile the below error is given: SQL compilation error:

Snowflake Scripting in SQL – how to iterate over the results of a SHOW command?

I’m checking out the new SQL Snowflake Scripting (in preview), and I can’t figure out how to iterate over the results of a SHOW command — especially as some columns are lower cased. Answer You can use this example as a template to iterate over results of SHOW: First, note that you can get the resultset from show