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Tag: pandas

Convert SQL commands to Python

I have the following code in SQL: I’ve been trying to rewrite it in python like so: but I keep getting a generic error message. What am I doing wrong? EDIT: added the error message Answer IIUC, you could try the following: The equivalent of SELECT DISTINCT col is drop_duplicates(col) and the equivalent of SELECT col, count(*) is value_counts(col).

how to insert pandas dataframe into IN operator of SQL

I have pandas dataframe with unique number of user: I want to pass this column to sql query where I use IN operator: I have tried doing this which would retrun whith this ‘1qw3,2wed,3das,4frr,533ew,612w’ and then something like WHERE users in STRING_SPLIT(data_frame, ‘,’) but this one is obviousely doesnt work… Answer You can convert the list into a tuple, this

Want to run a query multiple times using a for loop and add each result into a dictionary. This code only execute once even as it loops through

I have a query that take a random sample of records. I want to do this multiple times and add each result into a dictionary, which I will concat into a pandas DataFrame later. This code only execute once even as it loops through. Answer cursor.fetchall() doesn’t execute the query, it just fetches the remaining results from the query that