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Tag: php

how join laravel tables to get non intersected data

in my Laravel app I have 3 tables : users, documents and type_documents, the user have multiple documents and document have one type_document I want select the types that are not used in documents table for the current user with eloquent I try with this, but it give me the used type_documents : I use Laravel version 8 Answer Have

Laravel 9 – implode() and whereIn

Hello i’m using query builder in my laravel app. I’m trying to use the implode() method from query builder. So for example i expect a string composed from : ‘ 2,3,4… ‘ I have to use this string in next query where i use the raw query IN (‘value’, ‘value’) I’m trying to wrap those IDs in to single quotes

Simulating SELECT YEAR(post_date) SQL query using only WP Query

I’m not entirely sure this is possible but I’m completely out of ideas. The task I’m working on requires that I specifically use WP_Query due to constraints of other efficiency plugins my organization uses. Pure and simple, I need a way to simulate the following query using WP_Query: “SELECT YEAR(post_date) FROM wp_posts WHERE post_status = ‘publish’ GROUP BY YEAR(post_date) DESC”

Error => #1242 – Subquery returns more than 1 row

I am selecting order data from my orders table with that I also need the order product’s count which contains a specific word Account TopUp 200, Account TopUp 500, Account TopUp 1000, The order contain multiple product means one order contains both(Account TopUp 200, Account TopUp 500) and other products I made a subquery for this But it gives Error: