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Tag: php

Need to fix sorting order by name and price

I am working on school listing project. I have created database name is school and under I add new table name is schoollist Here I have many school. I have added few column on it bellow the list of column. For the above table i want to search Wright Oslo and after the result should be Wright oslo school and

How to show/fetch amount of posts, comments etc a user has made

I want to show the users the amount of posts, comments etc they have created in their profile section, just like any other forums that exist. I am doing this with php and MYSQLI. Post table: I have tried to add another column to the post table and increment its value by 1 each time the user makes a post

PHP login session not coming through (Login with SQL database)

The latest little ‘challenge’ I’ve made for myself is trying to code a good login screen on a site I’m making for some friends. However, when I input my email and password as they are displayed in my SQL database, the file I use to check it with does not send out anything at all. My code looks as follows:

Convert String containing commas to array

I am trying to convert a String to an array By doing so it gives me an error when trying to fetch data on MySQL However, if I manually set the array as $array = array(‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’) it doesn’t give an error when fetching a data, is there a way to convert the string to the array so the

executing .py in html/php

I wrote a Python script which writes its output into a txt file. Then I included that file in my html/php website. – works good so far. Only remaining problem: I can’t execute the .py file automatically while opening the site. I know that this isn’t the best solution <?PHP exec(“python3”); ?> doesn’t seem to work Answer I used

MYSQL table wont allow multiple foreign keys

I know this has been asked again and again, and I’ve tried so many times and don’t understand why I keep getting errors, but I’m trying to connect the order details table to the order items, users and payment table, but SQL is coming up with. (this is for a school project) I’ve been able to connect a table with

Joining Query with codeigniter Model

Please help me how can I get only response where activities.activity_id = response.activity_id? here is my CI_model My Activities table My Response Table My users table Answer Try with this: You need to add aliases to the tables in order to build a more simplified and ordered query, in this case the aliases are a, b and c. UPDATE: I