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Tag: datetime

extract year_month from a date column along with other columns in a sql table

I have a sql table with multiple fields including (but not limited to the following): member_id, visit_date (in datetime format eg: 2016-01-01), visit_yr_qtr (as string, eg: 2016_Q1), purchase_item (ID number), and item_price (in US dollars). I would like to extract these fields, but also include year_month (2016- January or 2016-01)as a new field in the output. This is what I

Timeserial not recognized built in function in MS SQL

I am trying to implement an SQL query that gets records between today’s fixed timing 18:00 and yesterday’s fixed timing 18:00 based on a Date time column that I have in my table. I tried this query But, it’s throwing an error Timeserial is not a recognized built-in function name. Any ideas please? Answer It would be best to use

Search by best values for every minute

The problem I’m having is that I have a table of data that has a new row added every second (imagine the structure {id, timestamp(datetime), value}). I would like to do a single query for MSSQL to go through the table and output only the number of objects that have the top 2 values asc for each minute ( also

SQL Server – Can’t change datetime to date

I have this sql which has some date format issue, problem is that I can freely change EndDate to whatever I want, but for StartDate I can’t seem to change it one bit, it always have this timestamp that I am trying to get rid of. Basically whatever I do in varchar, date or any format I just can’t change