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Tag: window-functions

Invalid group by expression error when using any_value with max and window function in Snowflake

I was given a query and I am attempting to modify it in order to get the most recent version of each COMP_ID. The original query: I then attempted to use a window function to grab only the highest version for each comp_id. This is the modified query: When attempting to compile the below error is given: SQL compilation error:

How to carrying over values for missing dates in time series using last value windows analytical functions in mysql

How to carrying over values for missing dates postcode/indicator_category to create full monthly time series. Im trying to use last_value to carry over values but not able to make it. Is my approach correct? Any help would by highly appreciated. Example given a table: INSERT INTO value to indicator_data table INPUT: postcode month_ts indicator_cat measure sw5 2017-07-01 2 99212.231 sw5