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Condition Based Join in SQL Server

I have the following tables Invoice Organization Customer I’m trying to conditionally join these tables by the following condition: If PTypecd = ‘I’ then data come from the Customer table And if Ptypecd = ‘O’ then data come from the Organization table into the Invoice table. the query i tried so far: How does this condition be used in Join?

Match specific or default value on multiple columns

raw_data : name account_id type element_id cost First 1 type1 element1 0.1 Second 2 type2 element2 0.2 First 11 type2 element11 0.11 components: name account_id (default = -1) type (default = null) element_id (default = null) cost First -1 null null 0.1 Second 2 type2 null 0.2 First 11 type2 element11 0.11 I seek to check whether the cost logged

SQL Multiple join from 2 table to 1

I want to join from 2 table to 1. I have tried it multiple times but I can’t figure out the correct code. The name ‘Edvard Supica’ which is the full_name from suser table I want to be on the place of User ID and in 1 record. Answer If you’re joining both machines and susers on workbook, you can

Count users with a condition in MYSQL

I have a table ‘helpdesk’ (detail below) that lists tickets. I’m trying to get the top 10 users who report issues, however there is a complication in the fact that users can report an issue for another user (think secretary for their boss as an example). The table structure is… Using the example above the count should return User 1

LEFT JOIN to return only first row

I am making a join with two tables, tab_usuarios (users) and tab_enderecos (address). tab_usuarios structure: id_usuario nome usuario 1 Administrador admin 2 Novo Usuário teste 3 Joao Silva jao tab_enderecos structure: id_endereco id_usuario cidade uf 2 1 cidade SP 20 2 Lorena SP 22 2 Lorena SP 24 3 Campinas SP 28 4 Lorena SP I have this simple query

Syntax error to combine left join and select

I’m getting a syntax error at Left Join. So in trying to combine the two, i used the left join and the brackets. I’m not sure where the problem is: Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; it seems the error is around: ‘LEFT JOIN ( SELECT outbound.marketplace_name, outbound.product_t’ at line 9 What could be the reason? Answer

Making a MySQL COUNT query

after 4 days of tries and researchs over the web I can’t make my wishes working. Any help would be appreciated ! Performed on MYSQL WORKBENCH I got a DB made of 3 tables : user Posts likes username id id id title userId (foreign key from email content postId (foreign key from password date image imageUrl userId