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Months that ends with 29,30,31 ORACLE

convert into date format oracle there is an identical question in the continuation of this discussion. I have a field c_day in the table my_table that accepts numeric values ​​from 1 to 31. In this field. I need to add 210 days to today’s date, and insert the value from c_day from the released date For example, we take

conditional primary key based on value not being null

I have a table that has a composite primary key: The problem is that when I insert into this table, the data from the product_home column is null for the rows where product_home_ods has data. The same applies product_home_ods, the rows where that table contain data are null for product_home. Example: Is it possible to create a primary key based

Add minutes to an Oracle date

I am trying to add minutes to my sql but no error and no data. This is my sql And I want to add 5 minutes to (MO.INSERT_TIME,’DD-MM-YYYY HH24:MI:SS’) So I want my sql show me after 5 minutes for this column (MO.INSERT_TIME,’DD-MM-YYYY HH24:MI:SS’) I wrote sql like that And after 5 minutes I am selecting this sql and their

Oracle SQL ignores condition in WHERE clause

I have this simple part of SQL query I have 4 parameters, invoice_num, start_date, end_date and Payee, I want it to be just like a filter, If one of the conditions above is present then it must be applied, if not present then it must be ignored, but it just doesn’t work as expected, if I pass invoice_num the result

What is the meaning of : ORA-00904: “QUANTITY”: invalid identifier

Why does the below query returns : ORA-00904: “QUANTITY”: invalid identifier 00904. 00000 – “%s: invalid identifier” Answer It means that there’s no such column. You can’t use column alias in a GROUP BY clause – must be “real” column name or the whole expression. Also, generally speaking, you should avoid double quotes when working with Oracle. Guessing table contents

joining two columns sql query

world! I’m currently stuck on this problem where i want to join two columns and run the select statement of the two, but i’m getting errors; these are the columns i want to join: and where in the second, for every row, i count how many equal rows i have for each value. the two columns values: first column second

Deleting records from particular TABLE – Oracle SQL

I have 1 table i.e. TABLE_1 which has 2 columns i.e. ROLL_NO, ID I have another 2 tables i.e. TABLE_2 with 3 columns ROLL_NO, LINE_NO, CODE and TABLE_3 with 2 columns i.e. NAME, ORIG_CODE My question is I need to delete the records from TABLE_1 using other 2 tables TABLE_2 and TABLE_3 in such a way that if any of