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Tag: sqlplus

Why are these 2 queries giving different outputs?

Query no 1:- The Query 1 gives me the following output:- Query no 2:- The Query 2 gives me the following output:- Answer Summary: The AND operator has higher precedence than the OR operator. To fix it, use brackets around the OR expression. AND has higher precedence than OR so your first query is the equivalent of (with added brackets

spool to .csv file using for loop

need to spool output into .csv file using loop, fyi…I have data in 4 diff partition. but no sure how to proceed. code be like. result:- not sure if I am spooling properly, also please check the index variable of for loop in used correctly in my select statement. Answer You don’t need 4 different queries, just list all your

Columns in SQLPlus report display longer than database column size

I have a number of sql reports that used to work fine. Recently however they have started to be outputted with the column widths being longer than they should. According to Oracle’s documentation if a column in an sql report has no explicit “COLUMN” definition at the start of the report, eg ‘column example_col heading “Eg col” format A50’, it

SQLPLUS : set sqlformat insert : SP2-0158

I want to export all my datas as insert statement. In Sql Developer, the command “set sqlformat insert” work very well… but when I want to use it on sqlplus, I have this error message : SP2-0158 unknown SET option “sqlformat” This command work when it’s use on a script but i’ve made a script : I’ve try the same