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Tag: oracle-sqldeveloper

Get first row that is null in Oracle DB table

I have the following table rownum ID date owner 1 1 09/01/2022 null 2 1 09/02/2022 null 3 1 09/03/2022 Joe 4 1 09/04/2022 null 5 1 09/05/2022 Jack 6 2 09/01/2022 null 7 2 09/02/2022 John 8 2 09/02/2022 John 9 2 09/02/2022 John For every ID, I want to select the first occurrence of null that eventually results

Show column according to parameter

I’m trying to write a SQL script that shows a column based on a user parameter. I can’t find an acceptable answer anywhere.  This is a simplified version of what I want to do (in OracleDB): The pseudo code of what I want could be This is the expected result: Answer You can just put the logic into the where