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Show column according to parameter

I’m trying to write a SQL script that shows a column based on a user parameter. I can’t find an acceptable answer anywhere.  This is a simplified version of what I want to do (in OracleDB): The pseudo code of what I want could be This is the expected result: Answer You can just put the logic into the where

How can i grant an execute statment

I want to grant TRIGGERS, FUNCTIONS and PROCEDURES to a role. I have the code to do it with procedure but with triggers and functions it not work. Answer User owns tables, functions and procedures. That user created a role and wanted to grant execute on various objects to the role. for triggers, it doesn’t make sense – they fire

choose from a time period oracle sql

I have timestamp date format in column FIRST_DATE and i need to choose time period from a certain hour, for ex. all from 18:00 10.05.21 to 18:00 11.05.2021 the problem is that date column in timestamp format – FIRST_DATE: 10/05/2020 0:00:03,000000 TIMESTAMP(6) so i tried to use it: so with this way i was able to limit the start period

Revisting ORA-06576: not a valid function or procedure name for simple function call via various database tools

Revisting ORA-06576: not a valid function or procedure name for simple function call via dbeaver database-tool I have seen many posts, but they don’t cover the situation I am experiencing. I am trying to do a simple function call to Oracle SQL via dbeaver: According to the right-click call function obtained via dbeaver the function syntax it is: To be

i am trying to combine the PL/SQL and the SQL commands in manipulating the database. am i doing it correctly? any help and corrections?

enter image description hereuse PL/SQL with SQL commands in manipulating the database (PL/SQL structure, Data types, Variable, DBMS Output and Conditions) and this is my codes and what i have understandenter image description here Answer The sample code for me does not run. It gives The reason is that you have 4 columns in your statement but only 3 values