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SQL query to retrieve column name among 3 columns in table whose values are mutually excluse among them will be ‘Y’ whose col name to be found

I have a query in which multiple joins and select from various tables are used. One table structure is as follows: Only one column among 3 will have the value ‘Y’.

Table employee :

id valid invalid non-scope
001 Y null null
002 null Y null
003 null null Y

The o/p of the select statement for the multiple joins and tables should have only one value from the above table and that will be the column name of this table. The value has to be as below, column name of corresponding ‘Y’ value :

id value
001 valid
002 invalid
003 non-scope

Please suggest a solution !!



You can use case

select id, case 'Y' 
      when valid then 'valid'
      when invalid then 'invalid'
      when [non-scope] then 'non-scope'
   end value
from employee 
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