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How to return the count of a table created and dropped within a SQL stored procedure in Snowflake?

I am trying to use a variable to store the count in a temporary table created within a stored procedure in Snowflake so that I can include the value in the return statement. When I try to do a select count(*) from the table I get SQL compilation error: Object ‘CDP_SMS.DOMAIN_CANONICAL.TEMP_DELTA_MANUFACTURER_ITEM’ does not exist or not authorized.. If I try

Need SQLQuery with Stored procedure with below example

I have the following MySQL-table the average must be using stored procedure, not normal query. I have normal SQL Query I want that to look like this, with a MySQL query: Answer If the Id’s on your table are unique, you can do it like this (you were pretty close… just the case when was missed in your query): You

Find Stored Procedure By Table Name (Oracle)

Need help. Every morning at 4 o’clock a table is created in the database, I need to understand what sources are used to create it, so I tried to find a stored procedure that creates this table using all_source or dba_source (select * from all_source where upper(text) like ‘%TABLE_NAME%’, but the result was returned empty. I think this has to

sql query to pl sql procedure

this is my requirement .i want fetch the record from one table and store it in another temporary table.i wrote as query.but dont know how to make it as procedure by declaring varibales and so. Daily new customers data will gets inserted in table.I only want to fetch the customer data who signed attribute_value as ‘TOY_GIFT’ from last 10 to