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Tag: many-to-many

SQL double many-to-many relations with only two tables

Having two tables, one of them is called Tasks and the other one Relations where every task in Tasks might have 0-to-many predecessors and similarly, 0-to-many successors that relations among tasks are stored in the Relations-table. So, if Task_1 is predecessor of Task_2 and Task_2 is predecessor of Task_3 then I would like to store the following records in the

SQL- Get results based on four dependable tables with relations

I am trying to write sql query for a problem I am facing, but I can not get my head around it. I have team_member table with team_id and member_id. role table that stores roles with team_id (, slug) team_member_role table that is a many-to-many relationship between team_member and role (contains team_member_id and role_id). role_ability table, which stores role_id. (..action,

How do I use SQL to search a many to many relationship using AND

Can anyone help to create a SQL code which could list movies which have been searched under 2 or more tags for the tables below? E.g. I want to list all movies which have the tags “4star” AND “Drama”. Tables I have managed to create one which lists movies which have either one or another tag… thus. Which gives Star

Get distinct members for an array of group IDs

I have 3 tables: Scorecard Group Scorecard_Group (Joint table) I am trying to write a query that fulfills the following purpose: Get the list of distinct scorecard ids WHERE Scorecard_Group.groupId IN (Pass array of groupIds) Get all Scorecard.”name” where Scorecard.”id” IN (Array of scorecardIds that we just queries) I am able to achieve this using 2 queries but I would

Find a record containing all or a part of a list of id of other table in a many-to-many relation on MySql/Jpa?

In my web application, I have 3 tables: TAB A: Recipes (id, name) TAB B: Recipes_Ingredients(id, fk_recipe,fk_ingredient, quantity) Bridge table TAB C: Ingredients (id, name) I need to find all the recipes(TAB A) that containing a provided list of ingredients (TAB C). Es: I provide a list of ingredients id like 111 (spaghetti), 222(pepper), 333(oil) and I need to find

Many-to-many relation Laravel Eloquent. Fetch related table with specific related id

I am writing a query in Laravel 8 using Eloquent. There is a many-to-many relation between subjects and streams and their pivot table is courses. subjects: id name streams id name courses id subject_id stream_id I have to fetch subjects with specific stream. I have written the following query. $this->subjects = Subject::has(‘streams’,$this->stream)->get(); I am having problem in this. courses table