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Find a record containing all or a part of a list of id of other table in a many-to-many relation on MySql/Jpa?

In my web application, I have 3 tables: TAB A: Recipes (id, name) TAB B: Recipes_Ingredients(id, fk_recipe,fk_ingredient, quantity) Bridge table TAB C: Ingredients (id, name) I need to find all the recipes(TAB A) that containing a provided list of ingredients (TAB C). Es: I provide a list of ingredients id like 111 (spaghetti), 222(pepper), 333(oil) and I need to find

Spring boot and jpa query @P0

I’m trying to run the following query but I keep getting the syntax error @P0, I also tried not to use parameters but “?” and still not working, my guess is that the string is not placed under ” and it ends up just next to bulk, but as soon as I place the single quote I get the error

Create relationship between 2 tables JPA

Need help with setting up table relationships. So, there are 2 entities – Section and Period. 1 Section has many Period, but 1 Period do not belongs to any specific Section. I implemented this relationship as follows: created an additional table SectionCodes with an external key on Section (more in diagram) Section class: SectionPeriod: This works fine, but there is

use desc as a field name in Spring boot entity class

The table was not being created for the following model despite following the correct procedure Model Answer So I was creating an entity class for JPA where there was a field name desc. I was using MySQL database. But for some reason, I was getting the following error. The model Later I changed the field name and the whole thing

How to include CHECK in JPA @Column columnDefinition?

I am trying to figure out syntax for columnDefinition in Column annotation when i want to add CHECK. So far what i have tried: Using JPA 2.2 (JavaEE 8) and openjpa as jpa provider. Could not find anything in docs: Error i am getting: I can obviously see that Id CHAR(1) DEFAULT ‘X’, CHECK ‘X’ NOT NULL,… is not

JPA Subquery fails

Does anyone know why it fails? It does not give syntax problems but it gives me the error “missing expression (ORA-00936)” The problem seems to be in :user IN uc.users Answer I think the last bit is incorrect. This should work: So, the whole query becomes:

Delete cascade Category child (Java Hibernate JPA)

I have this Entity to represent a Category system with a selfrelationship to get child categories: The problem is when I want to delete a category that has child categories. I want to delete all child categories but Java drops me this exception : Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails (vanger.producto, CONSTRAINT FKju4fpj8umbyi05750yjm70cx0 FOREIGN

Error starting Tomcat context.Exception: org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException.Message:Error creating bean with name ‘h2Console’ def

I have this simple CRUD Spring HTTP Service (see ). I would like to achieve something like . I made use of Thymeleaf and 2 html files: add-edit-employee.html and list-employees.html. Initial data comes from an sql table: data.sql & schema.sql. When I run the project I get error: Log of the errors 2 Pom file EmployeeEntity class data.sql schema.sql