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how do i save a new student that contains entities, but don’t create these entities because they already exist in the database?

I want to save a student and a student has a TargetAudience object as an attribute. These target audiences are allready hardcoded in my database. (targetaudience = campus + major). Now when i post like this: it doesnt work because everythime it creates a new object for the campus and because i use name as a primary key it throws

Create relationship between 2 tables JPA

Need help with setting up table relationships. So, there are 2 entities – Section and Period. 1 Section has many Period, but 1 Period do not belongs to any specific Section. I implemented this relationship as follows: created an additional table SectionCodes with an external key on Section (more in diagram) Section class: SectionPeriod: This works fine, but there is

Order by 2 columns with case

I have a query that searches for user in 2 colums firstUser and secondUser and orders them by first and last name: But this first orders the cases when user is at first user then it orders the case when user is secondUser. Is ther a way to order the whole data by first name and last name no matter

Error starting Tomcat context.Exception: org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException.Message:Error creating bean with name ‘h2Console’ def

I have this simple CRUD Spring HTTP Service (see ). I would like to achieve something like . I made use of Thymeleaf and 2 html files: add-edit-employee.html and list-employees.html. Initial data comes from an sql table: data.sql & schema.sql. When I run the project I get error: Log of the errors 2 Pom file EmployeeEntity class data.sql schema.sql

Boolean value not being changed in database

Hey folks I’m having a problem with my code. For some reason when I try to change the value to false, it doesn’t reflect in my SQL Database. I debugged and it does get set via Java, but it doesn’t transfer over. I’m working on a notification service class and it sets the values on there to true no problem,

JpaRepository SQL syntax error when trying to save to MySQL Date

I have the following row in my MySQL Table: This column is represented as: And it is bound to a Thymeleaf form like so: Now if I insert a date into the MySQL db directly, the date is loaded and set to the correct date on the form: But every time I try to save or edit the

Populate DTO using query with JOIN

I have this main Product table: Additional table for storing categories that should be returned as List: Additional table for storing Payment Methods that should be returned as List: I want to return a result like this: I tried this: What is the proper way to populate this DTO? Answer If, as indicated in your comments, you need query your