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Tag: date

Add minutes to an Oracle date

I am trying to add minutes to my sql but no error and no data. This is my sql And I want to add 5 minutes to (MO.INSERT_TIME,’DD-MM-YYYY HH24:MI:SS’) So I want my sql show me after 5 minutes for this column (MO.INSERT_TIME,’DD-MM-YYYY HH24:MI:SS’) I wrote sql like that And after 5 minutes I am selecting this sql and their

Converting decimal to Date

I have a column with dates formatted as decimals, for example: 20,210,830. I want to convert this number to date format as 08/30/2021 I have tried to use convert and the database shoots me an error that convert is not a valid function. Cast seems to work but, only returns a null value every time. This statement will validate: This

Simulating SELECT YEAR(post_date) SQL query using only WP Query

I’m not entirely sure this is possible but I’m completely out of ideas. The task I’m working on requires that I specifically use WP_Query due to constraints of other efficiency plugins my organization uses. Pure and simple, I need a way to simulate the following query using WP_Query: “SELECT YEAR(post_date) FROM wp_posts WHERE post_status = ‘publish’ GROUP BY YEAR(post_date) DESC”

ODBC – Exclude weekends in SQL

I currently have this SELECT statement which allows me to get yesterday’s date: However, when the day is Monday, I need the result to return a value date for Friday and not Sunday. When the day is Tuesday to Friday, it would be the SELECT Statement mentioned above. What would be the right code line to add in order to


I am trying to convert char date format “YYYY-WW” in ORACLE to date for calculating by week in year but have a trouble with error message format code cannot appear in date input format If i write It will be normal But if i write The message error format code cannot appear in date input format appear. I don’t have

select the last 30 days of POSIXct dates in R

Probably simple, but this is my first time working with POSIXct date format. I have a table of orders (that i got from a syl database) and I would like to select all rows of the last 30 days. so today’s date minus 30 days. my date is of the type POSIXct. Now, I know how to do this selection