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Search List Stored in Column and Eliminate Row with SQL

I have a table (MYTABLE) in an Oracle database that has a column which stores a list of items. Something like: ITEM_ID ITEMS 5476301 B, L, M, PP, S, TT 5579504 B, L, M, PP, S, TT 5579504 B, L, PP, S, TT 4005953 L 4064254 L, M 4121291 PP 4162254 M 4189256 M, PP 4255971 M, PP I am

Build efficient SQL statements with multiple parameters in C#

I have a list of items with different ids which represent a SQL table’s PK values. Is there any way to build an efficient and safe statement? Since now I’ve always prepared a string representing the statement and build it as I traversed the list via a foreach loop. Here’s an example of what I’m doing: Which feels very unsafe

How to generalize the JSON in stored procedure?

In my database, I have table called library which have columns like dependencies, email, alert, skipped and values are stored as I want to prepare JSON of these values which will look like as I have written have code as And my JSON doesn’t look like desired JSON I am not able to achieve correct json . Can someboby please

Array to string with Django and MySQL

I need to design SQL query in html on Django I have an array in my table like : When I call this array in my page : I have : [‘aa’, ‘bb’, ‘cc’] What do I do if I want : a b c I tried with .split(‘,’) but I’ve already ‘[]’ I tried with for item in list