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How to insert data into table even if trigger fails?

Oracle 11.1 I have custom logging table where I insert data: I have a trigger that runs on a specific table which does some checkings. My problem is: when the trigger fails, I want to be able to log some data into the log_table. Trigger: The following code doesn’t work. I tried to use EXECUTE IMMEDIATE maybe to force it,

PL/SQL CREATE PROCEDURE – Salary increase based on tenure

I have worked on this for a while but the code did not work and I could not figure out the correct solution. Did I miss something from the code? Thank you. — Question – The company wants to calculate the employees’ annual salary: –The first year of employment, the amount of salary is the base salary which is $10,000.

i am trying to combine the PL/SQL and the SQL commands in manipulating the database. am i doing it correctly? any help and corrections?

enter image description hereuse PL/SQL with SQL commands in manipulating the database (PL/SQL structure, Data types, Variable, DBMS Output and Conditions) and this is my codes and what i have understandenter image description here Answer The sample code for me does not run. It gives The reason is that you have 4 columns in your statement but only 3 values

sql query to pl sql procedure

this is my requirement .i want fetch the record from one table and store it in another temporary table.i wrote as query.but dont know how to make it as procedure by declaring varibales and so. Daily new customers data will gets inserted in table.I only want to fetch the customer data who signed attribute_value as ‘TOY_GIFT’ from last 10 to

Returning Json string from oracle procedure

I need to have a stored procedure in PL/SQL that return a string containing a json object. This object must be a list of object representing rows a table. For example I have the table MY_TABLE(ID, TB_VALUE) The output must be : My stored procedure looks like that : What’s the best way to achieve this ? Should I use

ORACLE json_object_t – error when call get_string() method on object got by chain of methods .get_array() .get()

I am trying to get a value from an array contained in JSON-object by chain of methods of JSON_OBJECT_T type – .get_array(…).get(0).get_string(…) But getting an exception component ‘GET_STRING’ must be declared Here is my code, could someone explain why the chain does not work? Answer The problem is that calling .get(0) returns the type JSON_ELEMENT_T, not a JSON_OBJECT_T type. JSON_ELEMENT_T