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Tag: plsql

pl/SQL for loop

i having an issue on changing the month according to the loop in where the clause i have used between function the month of todate function have to be changed according to the loop if a becomes 1 then the month in where clause has to be changed according to 1 if a becomes 2 the month have be changed

Oracle SQL Trigger not getting created

I have a table passenger as shown below I am learning triggers and I want to create a trigger that updates charges as charges + 100 before a new insert is done. Here is the trigger I created. However, I am getting the error ORA-04079: invalid trigger specification. I have tried replacing new with :new, adding begin & end blocks,

SQL query optimisation by replacing subquery

The following query works and gives me the expected result but i’d like to optimise it. Is there a way to avoid the subquery, using only the conditions in the main query to arrive at the same result: PS: In PLSQL, NVL function lets us substitute a value when a null value is encountered Thanks for any input Answer A

Loop custom type object ion procedure

I created the following type: Inside of a procedure then I accept this parameter and want to loop through it: I keep getting this error though: Answer It is possible that you want to create a collection type and then pass that collection to your procedure If that is not what you are looking for, please edit your question to

Get Current Week/Month Dates

I want to make function get dates of current week. I will pass week start date number dynamically.Week start date can change.It can be sunday or monday or any day.I shoud be able to pass week start date number dynamically. If i Call function GetCurrentWeekDates(weekStartDay NUMBER,callingday Date),i should get the result like the following GetCurrentWeekDates(1,’10/04/2022′) –1 is sunday Result should

Found the symbol “CREATE” instead of

I don’t know why it gives me this error: Error(3,3): PLS-00103: Found the symbol “CREATE” instead of one of the following: ( begin case declare exit for goto if … I tried using the backslash, but it doesn’t solve the problem, any help? Answer You cannot use DDL statements in PL/SQL. You need to use EXECUTE IMMEDIATE and cannot use

Not able to create a matrix in PL/SQL using nested tables

I was trying to create a matrix in PL/SQL using nested tables as such: firstly, I create a table type that is able to store varchars (that in my case is name lista_principala) secondly, using the previously declare table type lista_principala I try to create a table type that contains items of type lista_principala. I don’t think that I’m wrong