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Tag: tsql

What can I use instead of “Set Identity Insert On”?

I have stored procedure in SQL Server. In this procedure, I delete duplicate records and insert one unique records to table. When I insert new unique record I am using below script. Everthing is okey with this script but in the production SET IDENTITY_INSERT command needs to ALTER permission. Giving this permission should be dangerous so I can’t give this

Difference between dm_exec_sql_text vs dm_exec_input_buffer

As per Microsoft docs, dm_exec_sql_text returns the text of the SQL batch that is identified by the specified sql_handle while dm_exec_input_buffer returns information about statements submitted to an instance of SQL Server. I used DBCC INPUTBUFFER for getting the last executed SQL. But it seems both dm_exec_sql_text and dm_exec_input_buffer are replacement DBCC INPUTBUFFER. If this is the case then what

Remove overlapping date intervals

I have two tables in my sql server database : PlannedPeriods : containing periods of future events UnavailabledPeriods : list or periods that are not available Here’s an example for structure and data : I would like to remove all unavailable periods from the planned periods in order to obtain this result : Answer In this case you should be

SQL STUFF FOR XML with specific grouping

I’m working in SQL Server 2014, and I have the following simple data, which tracks calling history of users: I need to group the ACTIVITY values into one field, which effortlessly be done using the STUFF FOR XML function: However I need to conditionally group these, on the condition that there was more than a 90 day between the activity

TSQL – New column value based on other columns with highest level of match

So I’ve got a mapping table with the following information: And another fact table with the following info: Ideally I should add CCode in the fact table with the highest matching value of Number (first) & FCODE (second) So for example the first record: Number: 0123456789 FCode: 12345 should result to have value CCode 6 to be added in the

Sybase select value from XML field

I have a table named data_values stored in SYBASE in the following format: The value field has the following XML format: I want to select from the value field values like value1, value2, etc. but I can’t find a correct query to do this. I have tried: also value is a reserved keyword I think and I need to escape

TSQL “where … group by …” issue that needs solution like “having …”

I have 3 sub-tables of different formats joined together with unions if this affects anything into full-table. There I have columns “location”, “amount” and “time”. Then to keep generality for my later needs I union full-table with location-table that has all possible “location” values and other fields are null into master-table. I query master-table, However some “location” values are dropped