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Tag: replace

How to convert decimal values to time values in oracle?

I have a table that is formatted like this: I want the output to be like this: Basically transform the values in the dec_time field into time values like the example above in new_dec_time. This is my SQL so far: This simply changes replaces the decimal point with the semicolon but doesnt add the 0s where needed. Is there a

How to use REPLACE with WhereRaw eloquent laravel?

I have a column in my database that saved with double quotation (“) now I want to replace it by space.I’m using REPLACE and whereRaw.but It dosent work. this is my code: actually using / for scaping (“).Any Idea? Answer I believe you found the answer in the comments another thing what I suggest is don’t append the value directly

Remove trailing comma

I have a table with names formatted as “Smith, Stan” and need to display them as “Stan Smith”. I was able to do that but it seems that the comma has been left behind and I need to get rid of it. This is what I currently have: Answer How about using replace as below

presto replace multiple characters

I have a string and would like to remove a set of characters. Is there a better way than chaining multiple replace()? I came up with the following but it requires a replace() call for each character: This is a minimal example and I have more characters to escape so I was looking for a less verbose way of achieving