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Update and renew data based on data in other tables

There are 3 tables student, course, and takes as following tot_cred column data in the student table now is assigned with random values (not correct), I want to perform the query that updates and renews those data based on the course’s grade each student has taken. For those students who received F grade will be excluded and those who didn’t

how to sum two columns from different tables MySQL

I need to sum the data from two different columns located in different tables and grouped by session_id….. I need to sum the column of spent_points + price_points grouped by session_id this is the result i hope to get I have tried with this query but I have only managed to group the data but I have not been able

Apply SUM( where date between date1 and date2)

My table is currently looking like this: I’m trying to sum values of ‘ON_Prepaid’ over the course of 7 days, let’s say from ‘2020-01-01’ to ‘2020-01-07’. Here is what I’ve tried Things should be fine if the dates are continuous; however, there are some missing days in ‘Pre_Date’ (you know banks don’t work on Sundays, etc.). So I’m trying to

Remove zero amount in a query

I have a table finalData with the following columns and data I am creating mysql query to display the income and expenses of Singapore per Area, but I have to exclude areas that has zero amount. Here’s the code I tried: Output should be like this Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Answer This logic would be simpler phrased with