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How to add data to a field based on other fields in a SQL database

I have an SQLite table called wcvp constructed from a csv file downloaded from the World Check List of Vascular Plants (see and When I run this query: I get this result: kew_id genus species infraspecies 304293-2 Quercus robur 77189540-1 Quercus robur broteroana 77189379-1 Quercus robur brutia 77189383-1 Quercus robur imeretina 60459295-2 Quercus robur pedunculiflo 77171868-1 Quercus robur

need an additional column in SQL output

I have a table called product_info where there are two columns(product, product_id).There are 5 ‘product_id’ and 10 ‘product’. I wrote the following code to list products and their count.Now I need to create an additional column called ‘favorite_product’ if the ‘product’ count is more than 3.When I tried with a couple of WHERE clause options, it filtered out my existing