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Tag: aggregate

grouping equal values – aggregate function problem

I’ve created a table that lists venues in which several events take place. The same event in the same venue can have a different price. The last column calculates the total revenue for one venue. venue event totalprice sum Venue A Event A 5 30 Venue A Event A 10 30 Venue A Event B 5 30 Venue A Event

SQL Create a new calculated column based on values of multi rows and cols

I have a data about airline’s booking, using Oracle db, sample is structured as below: Recordlocator is booking code Sequencenmbr: whenever there is a change in booking, it records new status of a booking with higher Sequencenmbr. So the highest Sequencenmbr in the database shows the latest/current status of bookings Sequenceair: is the sequence of flights in bookings, it may

Aggregation level is off (Postgresql)

I have Order data for 2 customers and their order. And I am trying to calculate what the sum for the price is for every customter for that specific order only for product N Table: This is my query: For some reason I do not understand it gives me several rows per same customer. I am trying to get only

Data aggregation by sliding time periods

[Query and question edited and fixed thanks to comments from @Gordon Linoff and @shawnt00] I recently inherited a SQL query that calculates the number of some events in time windows of 30 days from a log database. It uses a CTE (Common Table Expression) to generate the 30 days ranges since ‘2019-01-01’ to now. And then it counts the cases

JOIN with OR condition and use only MIN(Column)

I have two tables. Certain values from table t need to be matched with certain values of table m in order to identify a target value from table m. Table t looks as follows. Table m looks as follows. The logic should be as follows: Column A from table t should be matched with column matchA from table m and