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Tag: optimization

One table with many field or two table with fewer fields?

My question is simple, currently, I have a database with an “User” table which contains important information about each users (email, username, password), an “Identity” table which contain the first name, last name, birthday… of an user, and a “Medias” table which currently contains fields like “facebook”, “googlePlus”, “twitter”, “youtube”… the address of all medias of the user actually. But,

Optimization of BigQuery aggregated data between two dates

I’m trying to compare the result of one query (example: number of rows), between the beginning of the current month and the current date, compared to what happened the previous month. Example: Today is 25/01, so I’d like to know the number of rows created between the 01/01 and 25/01, vs the previous month (same interval) 01/12 and 25/12. I’d