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aiosqlite “Result” object has no attribue “execute”

I’m making a bot and I’m currently on the economy part, but I’m encountering a strange error that I’ve never ran into before and has most of the python discord help dumbfounded. The error is as follows: Command raised an exception: AttributeError: ‘Result’ has no attribute ‘execute’ I’m having trouble understanding the meaning of this error due to the

django ‘dict’ object has no attribute ‘job_id’

I’ve got this code: Even though value() is defined, I get the error ‘dict’ object has no attribute ‘job_id’ I guess the error will also be for pass_count, skip_count and fail_count What am I supposed to do here? Answer Your query does not return a queryset with object instances, so you cannot refer to fields with a “.” It is

How do I get the data extracted from API to my database

I am currently working on a project to build a database on professor’s research paper database. This is my first time building a database(never had experience with MYSQL) and I am learning as I am doing it. I was able to use an api to get the data, for example: {“authorId”: “1773022”, “url”: “”, “papers”: [{“paperId”: “1253d2704580a74e776ae211602cfde71532c057”, “title”: “Nonlinear Schrodinger

Three-table join with NO EXISTS

I have three tables and would like to answer the following question in SQL: “Who has only certifications that do NOT have scores?” For instance, in the setup below, the query would return “John” only. Joana has the “AWS Certification”, which is in SCORE table (id 57). Marry has the “ITIL V3 Certification” which is not in the SCORE table,

Creating new column from existing column with condition SQL

I need help with one table name as Employee. Table employee consist of four columns “ID” “salary”, “position” and “cumulative_salary” . Position consist of senior and junior status and there salary are in different range. I want to add another column from salary column named as “salary_range”. Now condition for my salary range column is if someone salary lies between

Insert selected columns from one table to another SQL

I have two separate databases in the same host (localhost:3306). I have one table from the first database and a second from the other database. Here is 2 screenshots to become more clear I need to match: Is there any automatic way with a software? Need I to write some specific query to copy these 4 columns from one table