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Tag: mysql-workbench

How to return rows containing decimals in a range

I have the following table: Rows Decimals First Second Third Fourth I only want to return the rows where the second to last decimal is between 0.7 to 0.94 (inclusive), but all the other numbers can contain any value. For the above table, this would be only the second row. How can I specify my query

SQL query optimization for speed

So I was working on the problem of optimizing the following query I have already optimized this to the fullest from my side can this be further optimized? Answer Your query although joined ok, is an overall bloat. You are using the dim_ad_type table on the outside, just to make sure it exists on the inside as well. You have

Re: MySQL 8.0 Command Line Client Error 1205

MySQL 8.0 Command Line Client is giving me a timeout error and I have restarting the transaction by typing “start transaction” another time. Keep in mind that I have another command line open with the table CIA_DATA.new_table and it is also being updated with the same changes. (I am doing this to follow a tutorial.) Here is the script: Updated

MySQL Foreign Key ERROR. Constraint key error

I can’t add a foreign key to an existing table. The error is as follows Answer I’ve written the schema below which is working. I advise against using the same name student_id for the constraint as already used for the column. I would prefer fk_student_id to avoid risk of an ambiguity or conflict at some point. ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

how to single out certain names in sql

So I have this problem in SQL where the question is this: List the sId and name of students that applied to “WSU” But not “U of O”. and my attempt was this: However this does not do the trick as it doesn’t catch that some of the students had already applied to U of O. MRE: And then of

How to find the Employee names and their supervisor names if the table doesn’t have common numeric column like Employee_id or employee number in Mysql

If the table have only two columns with employee name and their supervisor column and if it doesn’t have any other numeric or number column with employee_number or employee_id, then how the results can be produced. I’m not getting logic to show the results. Code for creating table in Mysql: It’s output is: The result should be in the lower