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Tag: ddl

Why is this CREATE command not running?

This is a part of a script which the whole script runs without errors. I followed the script and made minor changes, just by changing names, etc and discarded few commands like ‘create or replace force view’, sequences. This is one of the ‘CREATE TABLE’ commands that I edited from there. Errors came out; ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis ORA-06512: at

Athena nested Struct Querying – how to query Value_counts in SQL

I have a big nested struct in AWS Athena. Here’s one column named “petowners” in the table: I’m looking for: The equivalent of the python function value_counts in the column. Meaning I’m looking for the SQL Athena command that will output for this row: [mammals:1, birds:2, UnknownField:4] A way to query aggregation – to create a histogram of total number

postgresql ERROR: syntax error at or near “PRIMARY”

I’m new to PostgreSQL. I’ve been trying to create tables in a database but some queries give weird errors. the first snippet throws a syntax error but when I add “serial” on the problematic column the error is resolved. Should all primary keys auto-increment in PostgreSQL? This works added serial constraint on songplay_id Answer Should all primary keys auto-increment in