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Tag: create-table

Why is this CREATE command not running?

This is a part of a script which the whole script runs without errors. I followed the script and made minor changes, just by changing names, etc and discarded few commands like ‘create or replace force view’, sequences. This is one of the ‘CREATE TABLE’ commands that I edited from there. Errors came out; ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis ORA-06512: at

ORA-00906: missing left parenthesis – LIES?

I have stared at this until my eyeballs bleed, where am I missing a parenthesis? It does also say Error starting at line: 1 in command-“. The cause and action section of the error report is blank. Answer This just because you missed column name while declaring primary key. There is another problem: constraint name for both fourth and fifth

How do I make sure that all rows with the same foreign key have unique names in my PostgreSQL database?

I have a PostgreSQL database with two tables: Team and Project, in a one-to-many relationship. Team has these columns: id name Project has these: id name team_id I’d like to make sure that the projects within a team must have unique names. Projects belonging to different teams should be able to share names without a problem, so UNIQUE doesn’t really

Populate table with data stored in separate tables

I have a MySQL database separate_data, which consists of 200 tables with random names (for example first_table, second_table, …) Each of these tables have the same structure and indexes. The total size is about 30GB. I would like to copy all this data to a new MySQL database called new_database, in the table all_data, keeping the structure (but dropping the