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I couln’t create a new data type on MySQL. Query is given below How can I do that on MySQL Answer You cannot. MySQL doesn’t have user-defined types. (At least, not in current versions.)

Change PostgreSQL columns used in views

I would like PostegreSQL to relax a bit. Every time I want to change a column used in a view, it seems I have to drop the view, change the field and then recreate the view. Can I waive the extra protection and just tell PostgreSQL to let me change the field and then figure out the adjustment to the

Database Data Types and their equivelants in Windows Forms

I’ve read in forums about people having issues with certain data types when accessing a database from their website and windows forms application. Mostly the decimal, float and datetime data types. My DB Table, for example, the Orders table consists of the following Columns. Below each column is the datatype I have chosen to use: My questions are: Is (in

How to use money data type in Java, SQL, ORM

What are best practises in using money data type in Java application? Money should be in double variable? What about rounding, currencies and so on. Are special libraries for this? And what about ORM and SQL in most popular databases. As I know not in all SQL engines is Money data type. In that case NUMERIC(15,2), DECIMAL(15,2) or REAL data