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Tag: varchar

Can’t alter column type to a shorter VARCHAR in Redshift. Getting “target column size should be greater or equal to current maximum column size”

I’m trying to run in Amazon Redshift, but I’m getting this error: SQL Error [500310] [0A000]: Amazon Invalid operation: cannot alter column “column_name” of relation “table_name”, target column size 256 should be greater or equal to current maximum column size 879; I’ve already tried and in order to reduce this maximum column size of 879, but I still get the


I have a table for storing coupons/discounts, and I want to use the coupon_code column as the primary key, which is a VARCHAR. My rationale is that, each coupon will have a unique code, and the only commands I will be running are SELECT … FROM … WHERE coupon_code=’..’ I won’t be doing any joins or indexing, and I don’t

SQL BETWEEN for text vs numeric values

BETWEEN is used in a WHERE clause to select a range of data between two values. If I am correct whether the range’s endpoint are excluded or not is DBMS specific. What I can not understand in the following: If I have a table of values and I do the following query: The query returns as results rows including calories

Changing the maximum length of a varchar column?

I’m trying to update the length of a varchar column from 255 characters to 500 without losing the contents. I’ve dropped and re-created tables before but I’ve never been exposed to the alter statement which is what I believe I need to use to do this. I found the documentation here: ALTER TABLE (Transfact-SQL) however I can’t make heads or