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Check whether a number is in a string range

I have a table ID Count Range 1 33 1-100 2 120 101-200 3 155 201-300 The Range is a string that can only have the values 1-100, 101-200, 201-300. I need to write a query that checks whether the count and the range fits, so 155 should pop up. My idea was: but this does not work. Can anyone

REGEXP_LIKE between number range

Can someone please finalize the code on the below. I only want to look for a 6 digit number range anywhere in the RMK field, between 100000 and 999999 The current code works but is bringing back anything with a number so I’m trying to narrow it down to 6 digits together. I’ve tried a few but no luck. Edit:

Postgresql query between date ranges

I am trying to query my postgresql db to return results where a date is in certain month and year. In other words I would like all the values for a month-year. The only way i’ve been able to do it so far is like this: Problem with this is that I have to calculate the first date and last

Optimize BETWEEN date statement

I need help optimizing a Postgres query which uses the BETWEEN clause with a timestamp field. I have 2 tables: containing about 3394 rows containing about 4000000 rows There are btree indexes on both PKs id_one and id_two, on the FK id_one and cut_time. I want to perform a query like: This query retrieves about 1.700.000 rows in about 7

SQL BETWEEN for text vs numeric values

BETWEEN is used in a WHERE clause to select a range of data between two values. If I am correct whether the range’s endpoint are excluded or not is DBMS specific. What I can not understand in the following: If I have a table of values and I do the following query: The query returns as results rows including calories