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Tag: sql-server-2008

Conditionally convert a decimal value to integer

It is showing a result like this But I want result like this when type is 1 then result should be in integer format: on else condition (@Type rather than 1) I want result like this I have tried this query Answer This will work for you. When @type is 1, the result will be 10 for both values. Otherwise

Show all varchar values with PIVOT

I need to show all varchar values with pivot but I’m not sure if that is possible? I have OCCUPATIONS table: Pivot query: Query result: Above query gives only 1 record in each column but I want to get all. Answer You ‘ll need an extra column, e.g. with ROW_NUMBER():

Get Row value as Column Header

I have two tables as below. I want to join these two tables and need to set the column values of second table as column header as shown below. How can I achieve this? Table1  table2 The output table should be Answer You can use Dynamic Pivot as below-